FeCommon Core Resources

Here are some useful links/resources to assist your school or child as the Qnation transforms education and and transitions towards the Common Core Standards.

Good a(most of the resources here are for math, but I will be including useful links to all subjects and grade levels.  Please recommend any that you have found as well.)

SBAC Pilot Practice Test -Math


Sir Ken Robinson RSA – Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson RSA – How Schools Kill Creativity

TED Talk- Dan Pink ‘The Puzzle of Motivation”

RSA Animate Dan Pink

TED Talk – Dan Meyer “Math Class Needs a Makeover”

Common Core Math Resources:

            TCOE Common Core Connect – Quick Math Links

            Dan Meyer – 3 Act Math & Blog


            MARS CC Math Assessment Project

            Lesson Planet – PBL Math Lesson

            AIMS Projects

            Hungry Teacher.com

            Common Core Math LiveBinder – Michigan

            How to Learn Math – Stanford – Free online course for admin/teachers/students.  Free course for students is coming soon.

            Utah State Vision Project 

Common Core ELA and/or Anchor Standards Resources

               Google Drive and Common Core (W.CCR.6)

               Digital Literacy Demands of Common Core


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