About Me

My name is Ed Campos Jr.  I have taught high school math for 8 years in Tulare County.  I grew up in the small rural town of Earlimart, CA in Tulare County.  I was blessed to have an amazing grandmother and mother that stressed higher education as means of profile picproviding ourselves with a better life.I went to high school at Tulare Union High School and Delano High School and then I went on to UCLA where I received a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics/Applied Science(Actuarial Plan) and a Minor in Computer Programming.  My junior year at UCLA i realized that all the best paying jobs were requiring computer and technology skills.  That year, i bought my first computer from Dell on credit, bought a computer vocabulary dictionary to understand the language these nerds around me where speaking, and I started taking programming classes towards a minor in Computing.  I did well enough to get a job as an IT Consultant with PeopleSoft (who Oracle bought out 3 years later) in Pleasanton, California when i graduated in 1999.
 I worked as an IT Consultant for 3 years, enjoying the travel, pay, and challenge of working on projects throughout the U.S.  After 3 years, I grew tired of the job and disappointed with the character of people in corporate america and realized that I needed more than financial compensation from my job..  I was always a natural teacher, helping all of my college roommates and friends pass their math tests and teaching my younger sisters and cousins whenever they needed it.  I became a high school math teacher and haven’t looked back since.
I have enjoyed my past 8 years of teaching high school math but, it wasn’t until i went to the ISTE 2012 conference in San Diego that re-ignited a passion in me for learning and excitement for my career.  Witnessing what these amazing educators are doing with technology nowadays is thrilling and has inspired me to crave more and more of what is out there.  Since the ISTE Conference in 2012, I’ve been attending CUE Conferences like crazy and learning a ton.  I even went back to school and started the Fresno Pacific University Innovative Educator Advanced Studies Certificate Program that FPU partnered with CUE to offer.  I have been learning so much in this program and this blog is actually my final project.  I’m hoping to share what I learn at these conferences and from my new network of innovative educators with anyone who wants to learn.  I want to use technology in my classroom to innovate and take advantage of the global reach that it can have, to ultimately inspire my students to travel and think globally.

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  1. I attended your presentations at the Tulare County Tech Rodeo and would like to see a 360degree classroom. Could you recommend one to visit, or could I come see yours. My name is Randy Darnell, my email is rdarnell@krusd.org. I teach 8th grade math/science at Kings River Union Elementary in Kingsburg.

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